Community Impact

City Spirits has played an active role in giving back to the local Attleboro/North Attleboro community since inception in the early 90’s.  It has always been imperative in the mind of the owners to use their success to help support honorable efforts for those around them. 

Bounty on Nips

Our most recent endeavor, which we are very excited about, has been creating the “Bounty on Nips” program.  This program is a collaborative effort between the 9 liquor stores in Attleboro and the “Keep Attleboro Beautiful” team.  The goal of this program is to both reduce the littering of said containers while simultaneously raising funds for the clean-up efforts performed by this great charity. 

The program allows customers or concerned residents to return empty 50ml nip containers to any of the 9 locations.  Every time the 5 gallon bucket is filled that particular location donates $50 to KAB directly. 

Annual Local Events

Over the years CS has helped sponsor numerous charitable events such as the YMCA Rooftop event of Attleboro and the” Zootoberfest” Tasting events at the Capron Park Zoo.  In addition to that we host our annual Grand Wine Tasting at the Attleboro Arts Museum in which all wine sale proceeds are given directly towards supporting the local artists.

Wine for a Cause

Beyond yearly events we also feature a “Wine for a Cause” promotion in store each month in which a selected local charity is given all profit from the sales of pre-selected varietals.  Over the years this has resulted in the support of dozens of unique local charities.